Professional Makeup Courses Belfast

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Do you want to know all the beauty secrets that the pros use? If you want to know all about the best makeup application techniques and beauty products that you can’t live without, it is time that you enrolled in professional makeup artist industryprofessional makeup courses in Belfast. This is one of the best ways for you to get the training that you need to really make it in the pro makeup artist industry. If you are using the best techniques and products, you will be creating the most flattering makeup looks. This means that getting more clients will be a breeze. professional makeup artist industryProfessional makeup courses in Belfast can put you on the fast track toward success.

Here are some of the best makeup secrets that you can learn from professional makeup courses in Belfast:


Spoon and Mascara Application

Are you tired of the black smudges that you create under your bottom lashes when you are applying mascara? It is time that you gave the plastic spoon trick a try. This is a trick that can really work. All you need to do is place a plastic spoon under your bottom lashes and when you apply mascara with a wand, it will smudge the spoon only and not get on your skin. This will shield your eyes and give you a flawless mascara look.

Face Shape and Blush

If you want to have the best blush look, you need to be sure that you apply blush according to your face shape. Blush is designed to add colour to your face, but it is also supposed to professional makeup artist industrycontour and shape your cheek bones. This means that you can accentuate or soften features based on where you place blush. Just be sure that you apply blush based on your face shape for the most flattering look.

Hiding Under Eye Bags

One of the troublesome areas on your face that most women are looking to hide with makeup are under eye bags. These can make you look tired and aged, but there are ways to cover them up. Instead of just placing a layer of concealer over your under eye bags, it can be a good idea to highlight the crease under your eye and then apply a darker shade where the puffiness is most noticeable. This will actually allow for the most concealed look possible. professional makeup artist industryHighlighting and contouring can be a great way to hide under eye bags.