Makeup School Belfast

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Finding just the right makeup look is not always easy. There are so many makeup trends that are popular now from contouring to the cat eye, that knowing what will look right on you or your makeup client isn’t always easy. If you are looking to learn all the makeup trends that will help you look your best or take your career as a makeup artist to the next level, it is time that you enrolled at makeup school in Belfast. This type of schooling is just what you need ti perfect your makeup technique and learn all the top trends in the industry. You really shouldn’t wait any longer to enroll.


Here are a few makeup tips that you will learn more about once you get started at a makeup school in Belfast:


Dark Lipstick


One of the looks that is making a major comeback is dark lipstick. This might have been a trend that went away for awhile, but like most makeup trends it is making a major comeback. Dark lipstick allows you to create a really bold makeup look. However, you need to know which shades look best when matched with different skin tops. Some of the most popular dark makeup shades out right now are deep red, mauve and dark purple. When you apply dark lipstick, you need to make sure that you use a liner to perfect the look. If you do not use a liner with dark lip color, you will not have a look that is envied. The trick to getting your dark lip color to look flawless is to use a lip liner in the same deep dark color.


Light Foundation


In the past, you might have thought that caking on the foundation was the way to go, but this is no longer the makeup look that is most popular. Many women are opting for a more natural foundation look. This means that they want foundation that is light and only allows for minimal coverage. This will image-4hide the major blemishes, but will also allow the natural glow of your skin to shine through. You just need to make sure that you choose a minimal coverage foundation that still offers skin benefits like SPF. You might even choose to swap out your heavy foundation for a BB Cream during the summer months when you want a very light foundation look that is natural.


Learn all this and more at a makeup school in Belfast.