Makeup School Belfast

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Having the perfect makeup look is not as impossible to create as you might think. You just need to use the right makeup products and be clued in on the best application techniques. At makeup school in Belfast, you can learn all the tricks of the trade that will allow you to succeed as a makeup artist, but you can also learn tips that will help you to apply your own makeup. No matter what you reason is for enrolling in makeup school in Belfast, you can benefit from these makeup courses.


Here are some of the makeup tips and tricks that you will learn:


Larger More Dramatic Eyes


Your makeup look often comes down to your eyes. Your eyes are one of the first things that others notice about you and it is possible to make them stand out by making them appear bigger and sexier with just the right eye makeup techniques. Instead of going with traditional black liner, one of the biggest trends in makeup is to opt for a liner color that is more bold. If blue or green liner seems to be to much, you can choose a nice slate liner color. You just apply a light eye shadow at the inner corners of your eyes that will help to make your eyes appear larger. Curling your lashes is also key if you are going for a more dramatic eye look. You should apply your lengthening mascara right after you curl your lashes.


Plump Lips


If you want to make your lips look larger, you should add shine to the cupids bow of your lips. This is the area that just under the nose and right between the peak of your top lip. You can apply a little shimmer to this area because it will give the illusion that you have larger lips. It is a really subtle trick, but it offers real results that others will notice.


Concealer Brush


It is also a good idea to get in the habit of covering up blemishes by using a concealer brush. You can use small strokes to apply the concealer directly to pimples using a small brush. This works a lot better than using your fingers and allows you to have much better coverage over the blemishes that are noticeable. Just make sure that you set it all place using a powder that matches your skin tone.1013-lie-sang-bong-paris-fashion-week-7-380x170