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Summer can be a time when you want to create a more natural makeup look.

Since you will be spending a ton of time in the sun, you often have to switch up your makeup routine just a little bit when the temperatures begin to rise. If you are a makeup artist that is looking to learn about all the summer makeup trends for your clients or if you are a beginner that is looking to perfect makeup application techniques, it might be time that you considered makeup school in Belfast. This is a professional makeup school that will help you to learn the best makeup tips in the industry.

Here are just a few of the summer makeup tips that you can learn from makeup school in Belfast:


Go Light

The thing that you need to remember about summer makeup is that you want to go light. This means that it is most flattering during the summer months for you to have a natural or light makeup look. This all starts with the foundation that you choose. You do not want to look like you have caked on layers of foundation. This means that sticking with just concealer can be a great way for you to create a light makeup look during the summer months. Revlon Photo ready concealer is a great product that you can use to get great coverage over dark circles and any spots that you are looking to conceal. It might even be a good idea to give a tinted moisturiser a try because it will give you light coverage that looks really natural.

Right Shade of Bronzer

Bronzer is a makeup product that gets a lot of use during the summer months, but you want to be sure that you buy the right shade of bronzer for your summer makeup collection. A bronzer that only offers a slight shimmer and has a pink or peach undertone is really the best choice. This is a bronzer that will be a bit more subtle and it will look flawless when applied to your skin no matter what shade you are. Just make sure that you apply your bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and then over the bridge of your nose. This will give your summer makeup look a bit more depth and will make sure that you have a natural glow that lasts all summer long.