Makeup School Belfast

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Creating that flawless makeup look does not have to be impossible. There are more than a few makeup tips that can go a long way. This means that if you want to have a makeup look that others envy, or want to get ahead in the professional makeup artist industry, it is time that you considered a makeup school in Belfast. One of these schools can be just what you need to take your flawless makeup look to new levels. Foundation might seem like a basic part of your makeup routine, but it might actually be what matters most.

Here are a few of the flawless foundation techniques that you can learn more about if you attend a makeup school in Belfast:

Shade is Everything

The one thing that matters most when you are looking for the right face foundation is colour and tone. You need to make sure that the shade of foundation that you pick is the right colour. It needs to match the natural skin tone that you have. If you get a foundation that is not the right shade, it will be impossible to blend out and it will not look natural when applied. This means that you might need to try out a few different shades of foundation before you can find the one that is the perfect match for your skin tone.


Preparation is Important

You might think that you can just begin applying your foundation to your face, but if you want a really flawless look, you need to be sure that you take the time to prep your face before you apply foundation. This means that you need to make sure you only apply foundation to skin that is clean and moisturized. You need to moisturize your skin to make sure that no dry patches of skin show through your foundation. Just be sure that you give your skin enough time to dry between prepping and when you apply the foundation.



The amount of coverage that you will get depends on the application tool that you use. This means that if you want really light coverage for a summer day, you might just want to apply your foundation with your fingers. If you need more coverage, you can use a makeup sponge or a brush. Using this type of tool will allow you to create a more buffed look that is flawless.