Makeup Courses Belfast

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AnthonyRED-Fabrice-Lachant-copy-946x768One of the reasons women choose to wear makeup is to enhance their natural beauty. Some wear make up to look different. Some use it to camouflage their flaws. Whatever their reason is, it needs a lot of skill and expertise.  If you love to look pretty for yourself and for others, you should perfect your technique and styl
. There are Belfast makeup courses galore according to your needs and choice.


There are professional makeup courses in Belfast which offer a 5 level course.


  1. Foundation Course: This gives you the initial skills to makeup while understanding the basics. It guides you to step up to the next level. It teaches you about pre makeup, skin care and face structure, the use of light and its effects, the theory of color, mix and match through experiments, the care of your tools and brushes, correction and concealing techniques, highlighting eyes, lips, cheeks and overall beauty make up.


  1. Fashion and Photographic: This course is more professional. It teaches you to create looks suitable for bridal, red carpet, commercial, avant-garde or fashion models. This course usually culminates in a photo shoot for an Ad Campaign.


  1. The photo finish: This course prepares you to work as an artist on a studio set. You will learn to understand client requirements and technical details. You will learn all about photographic details.


  1. Get set ready: This level teaches you to cover all requirements needed to be part of a film crew. You will be the makeup artist for a film or television set. You will be able to master script breakdown, gear and kit , set etiquette, period make up, character building, tattoos, male makeup, details of HD film and TV and also understand the photography director’s jargon.


  1. Special Effects: This course will teach you to create an assortment of special effects using both old and new methods. This is a fascinating course because it has evolved through the years to produce authentic special effects. This course will teach you to understand injuries, sourcing products, using ink palettes, learn the makeup tricks of creating wounds and blood, bruised, sick look, drugged look or create the pallor of a dead person, burns, scars or a wrinkled look.


There are one day makeup courses like Beginners, Party Glamour, Celebrity Styles, Contouring and Spring Bridal. As a make-up artist, there are courses on hairstyling, hair extensions, tanning, nails, threading, eyelash extensions, eyebrows, spray tanning, photography workshops and therapies.

Holistic Therapies such as Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and hot stone massage are quite popular


Eyelash Extension Courses make you proficient in eyelash application.

Hairdressing Courses help you in being a hair stylist and a makeup artist.

Wigs & Postiche Courses are an asset to a make-up artist.


Hair Extension Courses are a great way to add and further develop your skills by learning how to cut and blend in the hair extensions.  This course covers fusion bonding, easy shrinks and micro rings.

Nail Art Services will develop nail techniques. As make-up artist on a movie set, it may be obligatory to do some nail preparation and this course will help you to learn about acrylic nails, gel sculpting and nail art.


These Belfast makeup courses help you to choose an appropriate foundation for personal use or become a professional hair and makeup expert and make a livelihood for yourself.