Bridal Makeup Course Belfast

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As a makeup artist, your job is to make people look their most beautiful for the occasions that matter most in life.


There are few events that are as momentous as a wedding day. This means that when you are doing makeup for brides, you need to make sure that you are using the right application techniques and creating just the right bridal look. This means that it might be a good idea for you to take a bridal makeup course in Belfast to help you perfect your technique over time. The key to the best bridal looks is making sure that the look is as natural as possible, while still covering minor flaws.


Here are some of the top makeup tips that you can learn from a bridal makeup course in Belfast:


Keep It Minimal

When you are thinking about what look to create for most brides, the trick is to keep the makeup look as natural as possible. This means that you should opt for a lightweight foundation that is the most natural shade and a blush that offers the most subtle glow. This means that the bride will look like herself as she makes her way down the aisle to her groom.

Pop of Color

Even though you want the bridal makeup look to be as natural as possible, you can still add a pop of color to the look. This means that you can choose a very bold and flirty lip color that will stand out and only accentuate the natural beauty of the bride. Make sure that you choose a color of lipstick that goes well with the bride’s skin color. You do not want to pick a shade that will wash out her face. Pinks of all shades are the most popular lip colors for brides.

Winged Tip

If you are looking to create a more dramatic makeup look that stands out for your bride, it might be a good idea to do a winged tip. This is easy to do and looks flattering on almost all women no matter what your eye shape may be. This means that you can create a eye look that will stand out, but it will not be too bold that it distracts from the natural beauty of the bride.

Bridal looks can be hard to create, but you can benefit from real training at a bridal makeup course in Belfast.